Handmade Traditional Mask from Pak Wito

His name is Pak Wito, usually carved a mask from wood and miniature of the mask. Pak Wito lives in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Actually, he is a labor.

His skill to carve influenced by his traditional live in Malang and his contemplation about his conviction. According Pak Wito, some mask he has made need some ritual to make the carving mask has a magic power.

The carving mask he has made usually used in traditional dance in Malang for welcome party, when an important guest came to Malang. The traditional dance that use the carving mask are :

- Tari Bapangan : traditional dance about soldier from Pandawa and Kurawa. The mask use soldier character.
- Tari Sabrangan : traditional dance about king. The mask use king character.

The picture show Pak Wito and two mask miniature. The miniature representative about devil with ugly face and sharp canine tooth. Interesting about the
mask miniature? Check this.