How To Design and Decorate Kids Room

Make a design and decorate for kids room is something easy but also hard. Because, we have to catch about kids imagination and make it in to their room. When we make design and decoration for mature client, we can easily catch their want to. But kids room decoration and design is different.

So, what kind aspects we have to pay attention for design and decorate kids room? There are same aspects:

1. Color, we have to know what favorite color, cartoon character or his/her imagination. Usually, kids will talk what their favorite color after we can talk and maybe little activity like drawing can representative what color of their favorite.

2. Decoration Element, stuffs for decoration have to put as only decoration. Such as a bed, avoid a bed with a shape like car, animal or other shape, because kids often get bored so fast about shape. So, many shape we can make it as only decoration in kids room, such as if kids like car, we can put car miniature or car poster in their room.

3. More Space, kids growing so fast, so when we decorate and design kids room, give more space. So we can easily make change when kids grow up. It make easier us as parents. Do not make kids room full of stuff, that's no good for future.

4. Avoid stuff for design and decoration with have dangerous substance material such as paint material. Avoid a sharp shape too and for kids under five years, distance from their room to us as parents have to consider, it will be nice if the distance near with parents room.

That's all, i hope this article useful. Check this too.

Fostoria Galleries Pattern

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Bali Mask Traditional Dance - Good Mask For Decoration

Mask mean a face cover made from wood, paper, cloth with a lot of variations shapes and characters. There god, human, devil, animal and still much more. A traditional dance in Bali using masks as their character for each dancer. The Bali mask traditional dance has an epic story, called babad.

The mask they used for their show called bungkulan mask and sibakan mask. Bungkulan mask covered the full face of the Bali dancer. But sibakan mask only covered half of Bali dancer face. All Bali traditional dancer with bungkulan mask no need to talk when they had a show. But Bali dancer with sibakan mask have to make a conversation as the story and character. They have to use Kawi language and traditional Bali language.

The personage in Bali traditional dance: Pangelambar (hard mask and old mask), Panasar ( Kelihan-older, Cenikan-smaller), Ratu (Dalem- and Patih) and Bondres (citizens). Some kind of Bali traditional mask dance are:
- Topeng Pajegan
- Topeng Panca
- Topeng Prembon. Source

Wayang Kulit - Puppet Shadow As Javanese Masterpiece - Part 1

If we talk about Javanese, i am a Javanese. As a Javanese, i'll describe about wayang kulit or puppet shadow show usually performance in past. Old Java citizens religion in the past are Hindu & Buddhist. When moslem came in to Java land, there are nine moslem called Walisongo adopted Beber, a kind puppet show but more simple, only hand drawing in a media with story. So, Walisongo arrange strategy for spreading Islam religion. They make puppet shadow with more story, more characters, more shape, more artistic in wayang kulit. Walisongo insert point - point Islam in to wayang kulit or puppet shadow story.

There are some element wayang kulit or puppet shadow performance, main man behind the screen called dalang hold all control. Dalang is a man who controlled the Javanese puppet show with high sense of word, nice jokes, good philosophy and collected a lot of story. In a full night, he have to play story with hundreds characters. You can imagine that.

Beside dalang, there are Sinden, singers who sing traditional javanese lyrics. And the music called gamelan, offbeat sinden. The music player called Nayoga. There are other elements of wayang kulit or puppet shadow, but main elements i have mentioned.

To be continued...

Lets Make A Garden In The Roof

To avoid global warming, we can make garden and plant it with some green trees. Also we can plant in the garden with salad or something can make our body healthy. But, what if we have no enough land for make garden? If you have a house with have no enough land for garden, you can try this alternative. Yes, you can use your roof as your garden. Actually, this is not a new innovation, but it has been many years a go people do it.

Garden on the roof will make open green space, that can improve life quality, especially if you live in a big city. Dirty air such as CO2 will be reduced by plants at garden and O2 quality will be increase.

Make garden on the roof is not cheap, it spent a lot of money. Some aspect we have to consider when we make garden on the roof:

1. Good construction and structure for the building is a must, especially roof construction. It can estimated from how many clod and plant in roof garden.

2. Good drainage. Yes, water flow when sun is hot or hard rain have to contrived.

3. Sometimes, for location with speedy wind, the garden shape have to adjust and we can put some shield to protect it.

Simple schema for roof garden like this:

A Kind Home Decoration For Men

Home decoration is about taste and sensitivity from feeling sense. And feeling sense is very dissociated with gender. As you know, female has a very sensitive feeling sense about how to make a good home decoration. Well, this time i'm not going to disscuss about female home decoration, but i'm gonna write some review about what a kind home decoration that men like.

Most common men in this world have same mind and taste about room or home decoration. The priority in home decoration, men always make the utility of the stuffs as number one priority. It doesn't mean that men have no taste or bad taste about home decoration. Well, as a man (of course), i have opinion that an art about home decoration is number two. Why? Because number one is utility and simplicity. Men hate some about decoration thing with complicated style and useless. Something simple and to the point aspect is more considerable. After that point, man consider the art/ornament home decoration.

For example, indoor home decoration about mini table for telephone. In this case, i as represent a man, i will think the utility the mini table. If in my room there is a space that i can put the telephone on it (in my desk table for example), i will not put mini table in my room. It's useless. That's one example about how man think about home decoration.

Well, of course you can have different opinion about home decoration. Enjoy it.