Lets Make A Garden In The Roof

To avoid global warming, we can make garden and plant it with some green trees. Also we can plant in the garden with salad or something can make our body healthy. But, what if we have no enough land for make garden? If you have a house with have no enough land for garden, you can try this alternative. Yes, you can use your roof as your garden. Actually, this is not a new innovation, but it has been many years a go people do it.

Garden on the roof will make open green space, that can improve life quality, especially if you live in a big city. Dirty air such as CO2 will be reduced by plants at garden and O2 quality will be increase.

Make garden on the roof is not cheap, it spent a lot of money. Some aspect we have to consider when we make garden on the roof:

1. Good construction and structure for the building is a must, especially roof construction. It can estimated from how many clod and plant in roof garden.

2. Good drainage. Yes, water flow when sun is hot or hard rain have to contrived.

3. Sometimes, for location with speedy wind, the garden shape have to adjust and we can put some shield to protect it.

Simple schema for roof garden like this: