A Kind Home Decoration For Men

Home decoration is about taste and sensitivity from feeling sense. And feeling sense is very dissociated with gender. As you know, female has a very sensitive feeling sense about how to make a good home decoration. Well, this time i'm not going to disscuss about female home decoration, but i'm gonna write some review about what a kind home decoration that men like.

Most common men in this world have same mind and taste about room or home decoration. The priority in home decoration, men always make the utility of the stuffs as number one priority. It doesn't mean that men have no taste or bad taste about home decoration. Well, as a man (of course), i have opinion that an art about home decoration is number two. Why? Because number one is utility and simplicity. Men hate some about decoration thing with complicated style and useless. Something simple and to the point aspect is more considerable. After that point, man consider the art/ornament home decoration.

For example, indoor home decoration about mini table for telephone. In this case, i as represent a man, i will think the utility the mini table. If in my room there is a space that i can put the telephone on it (in my desk table for example), i will not put mini table in my room. It's useless. That's one example about how man think about home decoration.

Well, of course you can have different opinion about home decoration. Enjoy it.