How To Design and Decorate Kids Room

Make a design and decorate for kids room is something easy but also hard. Because, we have to catch about kids imagination and make it in to their room. When we make design and decoration for mature client, we can easily catch their want to. But kids room decoration and design is different.

So, what kind aspects we have to pay attention for design and decorate kids room? There are same aspects:

1. Color, we have to know what favorite color, cartoon character or his/her imagination. Usually, kids will talk what their favorite color after we can talk and maybe little activity like drawing can representative what color of their favorite.

2. Decoration Element, stuffs for decoration have to put as only decoration. Such as a bed, avoid a bed with a shape like car, animal or other shape, because kids often get bored so fast about shape. So, many shape we can make it as only decoration in kids room, such as if kids like car, we can put car miniature or car poster in their room.

3. More Space, kids growing so fast, so when we decorate and design kids room, give more space. So we can easily make change when kids grow up. It make easier us as parents. Do not make kids room full of stuff, that's no good for future.

4. Avoid stuff for design and decoration with have dangerous substance material such as paint material. Avoid a sharp shape too and for kids under five years, distance from their room to us as parents have to consider, it will be nice if the distance near with parents room.

That's all, i hope this article useful. Check this too.