Bali Mask Traditional Dance - Good Mask For Decoration

Mask mean a face cover made from wood, paper, cloth with a lot of variations shapes and characters. There god, human, devil, animal and still much more. A traditional dance in Bali using masks as their character for each dancer. The Bali mask traditional dance has an epic story, called babad.

The mask they used for their show called bungkulan mask and sibakan mask. Bungkulan mask covered the full face of the Bali dancer. But sibakan mask only covered half of Bali dancer face. All Bali traditional dancer with bungkulan mask no need to talk when they had a show. But Bali dancer with sibakan mask have to make a conversation as the story and character. They have to use Kawi language and traditional Bali language.

The personage in Bali traditional dance: Pangelambar (hard mask and old mask), Panasar ( Kelihan-older, Cenikan-smaller), Ratu (Dalem- and Patih) and Bondres (citizens). Some kind of Bali traditional mask dance are:
- Topeng Pajegan
- Topeng Panca
- Topeng Prembon. Source