Art Coco from Mombasa, Kenya

Art Coco is based on the edge of a beautiful creek close to Mombasa Island, on Kenya’s coast. A small workshop produces a wonderful selection of coconut fibre table mats, coasters, picture frames, trays and lampshades.

Ten employees work with the company to produce a unique range of handmade products from natural materials which are sold in East Africa and overseas.
Selection of the coconut fibre suitable for making these items is undertaken by ten local families around Mombasa.

They know exactly what is required and carefully select the “ndifu” which is Kiswahili for fibre that is naturally shed by coastal coconut palms.

The fibre is selected and cut by hand. The pieces are carefully matched to create an individual pattern for each handmade product such as picture frames, tablemats and trays and then laminated to the softwood base. Lampshades are created by matching sheets of ndifu to create a consistent pattern.

Workshop Lampshades being completed at Art Coco workshop, Mombabsa.

Art Coco not only produces a beautiful range of unique and handmade accessories for the home but they also utilise local help and assistance from local families in the collection of raw materials.

By also employing ten people their support of the local community adds significant benefits to everyone associated with Art Coco.