Handmade Gift Baskets - Craft

First of all, gift baskets are a great way to give an assortment of different gifts to someone in an attractive package. And when the gift items are removed, the basket itself can be used for other things. Gift baskets are appropriate for everyone from your boss to your best friend!

There are lots of companies where you can purchase great gift baskets for practically any occasion. However, it can be more special and enjoyable to make your own gift basket. And, it's easier than you might think!

First, choose a basket that's wide and deep enough to hold filler material as well as your gift items. Confetti or shredded paper makes fantastic filler and comes in a wide variety of colors. You'll also need clear cellophane or sheer fabric like tulle to wrap the basket, and a nice bow or ribbon to finish it off.

Selecting a color scheme for your basket is a great way to make it look professional and polished. For a new mom, go for soft pastels like pale pink or blue. Grass green with a touch of cool white is ideal for a golf lover's basket. For a chocolate or coffee themed basket, shades of brown are always nice. Corporate baskets look great when adorned with filler and ribbon in conservative shades like navy accented with a touch of gold or silver. Your color scheme can be reflected in your filler material, ribbons and bows, and even the gift items you choose.

When choosing gifts for your basket, go for items that are either universal in appeal or personal to the recipient. Gourmet non-perishable foods are always a good choice. Or, try a theme basket. Examples of themes include coffee, new baby, beach, wedding, sports, and gardening.

It's important when filling your gift basket that you make the basket look full. A sparse basket just isn't as appealing as one that's filled to the brim. Add enough filler so that the gift items are slightly elevated above the top of the basket. Then, place the gifts in a pleasing arrangement, wrap with cellophane, add a bow, and you're done!

Finding Gift Basket Supply Items
Gift baskets -- they're an ideal choice for anyone from a co-worker or associate to a friend or family member. Making a custom gift basket can be enjoyable as well as rewarding. The delight a thoughtful and creative gift basket can bring will make all your effort worthwhile! Finding gift basket supply items has never been easier than it is today. Gift baskets are wildly popular and you can find supplies at craft stores and even online!

The first thing you'll need to buy is a basket or other appropriate container. Attractive pails, wooden boxes, and fabric totes can all make acceptable substitutes for a basket. Select a basket (or other container) that offers enough room for filler and your gift items. You don't want empty space showing, so the smaller, the better. A gift basket should be stuffed to the brim! Filler can be anything from shredded paper to faux moss or even festive colored confetti. Filler gives your basket a professional appearance and provides somewhere to nestle the gift items.

When choosing what to put in your gift basket, go for a theme. Your theme could be anything from gourmet food to golf. For a special occasion or holiday, the theme chooses itself! Many of the items for your gift basket can be purchased at a variety store like Wal-Mart or Target. However, you might have to do some searching for harder to find items like gourmet foods.

You can always hop online and get everything you need at DesignItYourselfGiftBaskets. Although this fantastic company offers ready-made gift baskets, the best thing is their do-it-yourself service. First, you'll choose a theme. Examples of themes include gourmet, coffee, chocolate, wine, golf, spa, new baby and more. Then, it's time to choose the basket. Baskets come in every style from shades of wicker to wooden boxes. Finally, it's time to select your filler items. You'll be amazed at all the fantastic foods and gifts you can choose from!

After you've created your virtual gift basket, it's brought to life by a professional gift basket creator and shipped to you or the recipient of your choice. Wide selection, great gift basket supply items, and helpful customer service makes Design It Yourself Gift Baskets a cut above!

Homemade Gift Basket Ideas
Gift baskets make wonderful gifts for most anyone. Maybe you're seeking an ideal gift for a client, co-worker or supervisor. Or perhaps you know an expectant mother or have a friend with an upcoming birthday. Need to say thank you or express sympathy? A gift basket can do all that and more. There are lots of great companies out there that sell ready-made baskets, but making your own can be fun and make the basket more personal. Read on for some homemade gift basket ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

The Basics: When creating a homemade gift basket, you'll need a basket or other attractive container large enough to accommodate all your gift items and deep enough to hold a good amount of filler. Filler can be shredded paper in any color of your choice, faux grass or festive confetti. Finish off your basket with some cellophane wrap and a bow that matches your main color scheme.

For a New Mom: Try a light colored or white basket filled with pale pink or blue filler. Great items for one of these baskets include toiletries like lotion and shampoo, teething rings, rattles, plush animals, towels and washcloths, and even an outfit for baby to wear and a pair of fuzzy slippers for Mom!

In the Office: Corporate gift baskets can be filled with gourmet coffees, cured meats and cheeses, assorted jams and jellies, chocolates, or any other type of non-perishable edible that a hungry executive may enjoy. Co-workers and bosses can be hard to buy for, but you'll never go wrong with gourmet food!

For the Chocolate Lover: Fill a basket with brown shredded paper and fill with goodies like chocolate bars, boxed chocolate, truffles, hot chocolate mix, and even a cute chocolate-related gift book!

For a New Bride: To help a blushing bride make herself even more radiant, try a gift basket filled with stress-relieving spa items. Massage oils, a pretty loofah puff, a soothing gel eye mask, and a book of romantic poetry are all ideal choices!

For the Gardener: For a gardening enthusiast, fill an attractive metal bucket with fake grass or moss. Then, add garden related items like seed packets, gardening gloves, a gift book about gardening, and some nourishing hand crème to soothe overworked hands.
Use your imagination and come up with your own creative homemade gift basket ideas. The recipient will certainly appreciate the time and effort you've put into their gift basket.
Author: Frances Coleman.