Dayak unique shield

Kutai Kartanegara belongs to Borneo (Kalimantan) territory. Dayak tribe is one of the biggest tribe that exist in Kutai. They have alot of unique ethnic stuff for manners and customs. Equally, their manners and customs stuff was made from high quality wood from Borneo’s forest and carved with exclusive motif.

One of the unique stuff is a shield (Kelembit) that made from light and strong wood. The front side of the shield was carved with hand. There are 3 variety shield carving motifs :
Kalung Tebengaang (Enggang bird motif):

1. Kalung Tebengaang (Enggang bird motif)
2. Kalung Aso’ (Dragon / dog motif)
3. Kalung Udo’ (Mask motif).

Beside for protection from enemy attack, the shield used to use for completion in ritual called Belian, or in their traditional dance, even to protect their body from fire.
It is good too to use the shield for home decoration, because the wood, shape and carving that hand made has strong ethnic feel.