Exclusive primitive Asmat carving art

Have you ever heard about Asmat tribe in Papua province (Indonesia)? Here, a flash information about Asmat carving art. Asmat carving art has exclusive primitive carving art. That’s why, it is so expensive and a lot of collectors hunt the Asmat stuff.

To reach Asmat location, you have to fly with small plane called Twin Otter or rent a plane from Merauke (Papua). Every tourist will be received with happiness and traditional ceremony by them.

“Asmat” word came from AS AKAT, means ebtul human. Some people said, Asmat word came from OSAMAT, that means human from tree. Their neighborhood tribe (Mimika tribe) said that Asmat tribe as “MANUE”. It means :human eat or human eater.

Asmat people have unique and high art and culture. Some of their art and culture :
1.Carving art.
2.Traditional dance.
3.Handicrafts, such as : noken-noken, traditional clothes made from leather.
4.traditional ceremony, such as:
MBIS statue making ceremony (MBIS : forefather statue).
Emak-cem ceremony (Emak : bone house).
Ulat sagu ceremony.

Asmat carving art representative about human texture. The symbols in Asmat carving art mean the spirit of their great grandfather. Some function of Asmat carving art in their life are :
1.Representative the arrival their great grandfather.
2.For sad and proud expression.
3.As symbol of their religion.
4.As symbol of animals, plants and other things.
5.As symbol of the beauty that influence in family and society attitude.
6.As symbol to remember their great grandfather.

Asmat tribe also make mask carving for special ritual/traditional ceremony. The aim of Asmat carving art is to complete their fundamental need as human that the last aim from life is continued from life and happiness human. It was as fundamental motivation for Asmat people to carve, because carving art is used to fill the human happiness.