Advice for the Younger Me

>If there was a way that I could go back in time to give myself advice when I was a young mother I would have a long list of things to say. Of course most of it would be advice older mothers had already told me:

  • Enjoy your children while they're young because they grow up too fast.
  • Always treat your family as well as you would a guest.
  • Play more.
  • Keep a record of the unimportant moments as well as the important ones (I really wish I would have done that!)
  • Children can be taught how to do their own laundry.
  • Be in the moment.
  • Don't rush through the infant and toddler stages.
  • Be patient when it comes to potty training---especially when it takes longer than you think.
  • Breath
  • Every moment does not need to be planned.
  • Elaborate vacations and fancy birthday parties are not requirements for a happy childhood.
  • A big empty box is more fun than most toys you can buy.
  • Prayer and faith are essential in raising children.
  • Take time to step back and see your child as the person he/she is becoming.
  • Broken things can be replaced, broken hearts cannot.
  • Buy a panini maker.
Okay, I know that last one may seem a little odd. But a couple of years ago, when I purchased a panini maker, my life became easier. Every Saturday became panini night. Everyone makes their own meal to suit their taste, there is no more asking, "Mooommmmm, what's for dinner tonight???" And even though my younger self would have reminded me that panini makers were not readily available at the time I would have quickly answered, "Then find a meal that your family can enjoy weekly, that can be customized to fit individual taste and that can be a weekly mini-celebration, a night to look forward to for mom and the family." If panini's are not your family's thing then maybe sub sandwiches, crepes, waffles, burgers, or salads could become your weekly ritual.

What advice you would give your younger self?

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