A Cozied Corner


You've seen the end of my upstairs hallway before with
the large monogram, the "family" sign and the family photos.This is the longer view of said hall,
complete with painted subflooring and dings in the walls.
(and yes, I have brass doorknobs---
haven't you heard, brass is making a comeback)
On the left is a closet door and the doorway into the computer room.
Straight ahead is the door to the bathroom
and just right of that is the door to our master bedroom.

When we first looked at this home I fell in love with the way
the doorways were set back into alcoves,
just a little architectural detail that intrigued me.
The master bedroom door alcove has a small corner
that stayed vacant for years.
One day I haphazardly plopped a this small table there
and I liked the feel of it.
But when I found this gorgeous plant stand
at the thrift store
I knew it would make a better fit.
Of course I had to top it with something,
something that would

reflect a little light
into this darkened corner.
That something was a PB vase I picked up...at the thrift store.
Love it!
And since the theme for this corner seems to be
thrifted elegance with a bit of shine,
why not finish of the vignette with this collection of mirrors
. These were gathered one by one
over a period of time,
just waiting until there is enough to make a statement.
And what a statement
this thrifted elegant hidden corner makes!

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