Spooky Greetings And a Gift Card Winner

>I have been slow to decorate for Halloween. It seems that the old wife's tale that death comes in threes is true for our family. My sweet mother's loving husband recently passed and things have been difficult. We miss him dearly!
But I have learned that one of the best ways for me to take my mind off of my troubles is to beautify my surroundings.
I started with these terracotta pumpkins that I've had for years.
They needed a little updating and since my favorite color of late is gray that's the color they became. A spritz of black glitter gave them a little glam.I paired them up with bright green lanterns and grocery store pumpkins.Then I filled an urn with some dead branches where crows can rest.A spider is feeling at home too.The frame got a spray paint makeover to match the lanterns.And now my porch is ready for the season.I am excited to announce that "Little Old Me" was randomly selected to receive the $100 Wal*Mart gift card. Congratulations! Please email me so I can pass on your information.