Living Without Regret

>Recently a friend of mine told me that her silver collection stays behind closed doors because it's too tarnished. I replied, "I love the look of tarnished silver!" I really do. I often love the character and charm that imperfections give to things. . . and people, for that matter.
That conversation got me thinking. Why do we rob ourselves of happiness just because things aren't as perfect as we think they should be. And why do we put off enjoying things because "it has to be just right." I know that I am guilty of this and it's something that I am trying very hard to change. My neighbor, who has terminal cancer, wisely advised me, "It's not the things you've done, but the things you haven't done in your life, that you regret the most."My husband came home the other day to report that the business next to his was selling off clothing items that belonged to a man who had recently passed away. He said that there were literally hundreds of items that belonged to this man that still had the price tag on them. It made me wonder why this poor soul kept all of those really nice, expensive things tucked away. I felt so sad that he never took the opportunity to find happiness in actually using the things he owned.
I'm hoping that when my friend sees my display of tarnished silver, she'll be inspired to go home and enjoy hers, polished or not.
I've decided to take a good look at my life. What am I doing, or not doing, that is keeping me from enjoying my life to it's fullest? I want to start living my life with no regrets.