Tell Me I'm Not Alone

>Please tell me that I'm not the only one who plans to mail out Christmas cards and then runs out of time. The sad fact is that this has happened for the last two or three years. Did you know that some people take you off their Christmas card mailing list if they haven't heard from you in a while? I realize that many of you keep in touch with old friends using the internet but, to me, emails just can't replace the thrill of receiving a card in the mail from a loved one. This year I intended to mail my Christmas cards early but, with our son's accident and other life events, once again I ran out of time. Yet I was still determined to let old friends know that they're in our thoughts. I decided to mail New Year's cards. There is just one problem. There are no New Year's cards to be found! Hallmark really should consider making a line of cards for procrastinators like me.
I refused to let this stop me. I sketched out the numbers 2010 and cut only the outer edges for my card template.
Then I traced and cut the design onto cardstock that was folded in half. Next I printed a little sentiment and glued it inside. Now our friends will know that we still care, even if our thoughts are a bit belated.

Before it gets too late,
I want to wish you, my blog friends,
a wonderful 2010!

May the New Year Bring You Happiness,
Peace, Laughter,

and the Best of Memories.