Out of the Mouths of Pre-teens

>One day, as I was prepping a thrift store item for paint, my youngest said in his somewhat sarcastic pre-teen voice, "Let me guess, you're going to paint it black right?" I defended myself, "I don't paint everything black!" and proved it by listing all of the colors I had recently used. However his comment made me pause and take a fresh look at my home. Was the decor a bit dark, heavy and predictable? Perhaps in some areas. Or perhaps his comments just gave me the motivation I needed to change things up a bit.
I began the transformation in the living room, in a spot where I noticed a high concentration of the color black.
I admit that I found it easy to transform because I had recently picked up a beautiful mirror from the thrift store and an irresistible lamp on clearance.Then I turned my attention to the coffee table. It had no black, but it had looked this way all summer and it too needed a little lightening up.It's amazing how rearranging a couple of surfaces in a room can make you feel like the whole room has had a makeover.
How about your home? Are things a little too predictable? I'll be happy to send my pre-teen over to give his opinion!