All About Me

>Okay, okay, I give in! Several of you have given me those awards that require the recipient to tell 6 or 7 things about themself. I thought a post just about me would be a veerrrry boring post, but, I don't want to appear rude to my friends who have so kindly given me the awards. So I'm going to share a few facts about me.

*I love quarters! It's strange, I know, but quarters actually make me giddy. Maybe it goes back to the days when I would place my shiny quarter in a machine and with a few turns the knob out would plop a small surprise. As a grownup I like to spend my shiny quarters turning the machine's knob to receive a handful of yummy pastel mints.
*I am very uncomfortable being the center of attention. Perhaps that's why I struggle with posting blog awards.

*I have only one sibling. I was born three days before my brother's tenth birthday. After waiting ten years for their second child, my parents, thinking they would have another son, were happy to have a daughter. That's why I was named Joy.

*If you gave me $50 to spend, I would likely spend it on as many things as possible. And I would probably spend the money at the thrift store, on white dishes or pottery. My husband is just the opposite. He would spend his $50 on only one item at the regular store.
*I'm a piler! I have a pile in just about every room. I like to pile magazines, junk mail, and the worst pile of all, things "I'll get around to." So now you know, when you see a pretty picture like this:There is probably a pile like this
(an example of the "I'll get around to" pile) close by:
*This last one is an answer for all of you who have asked. I have an area in my basement where I store all my stuff. (Nooo, I won't share a picture of it.) We refer to it as "the unfinished room," or my boys call it "the junk room." My husband lovingly refers to it as "the inventory room." If we ever decide to finish it into a second family room, I'll probably have to build a big ol' shed out in the backyard to store my home's inventory.

Now you know a few things about me.
I promise to have a more interesting post tomorrow.