Best Fool

>Today is a wonderful holiday, the first of April---April Fools Day. A day for playing fun practical jokes. And being the joker that I am, I wanted to play one on you. But my mind is blank, empty, containing nothing of humor. Me! The person who loves to laugh. The one who has people walk up to her in a crowded room and say, "I knew you were here because I heard your laugh." (to which I often reply, "Please tell me I don't sound like a cackling witch.")
I'm always up for a good laugh and a great joke.

But today I have nothing.
So I'll share my most memorable April Fools Day joke. It was played on me by son #1 years ago in our previous home. The boy sneaked into our master bathroom and very carefully placed those little snappers (the small twisted white paper packages that make a loud POP when they're thrown to the ground) under the toilet seat, one snapper on each of the pods of the seat. When I went into the room to sit, those little packages EXPLODED causing me to scream so loudly the neighbors would wonder. Of course immediately following the scream was the sound of laughter both inside and outside the bathroom door!My sons have tried to repeat the infamous prank, but to no avail. This momma catches on pretty quick!
What is your most memorable
April Fool's Day joke?