Frayed At The Ends

>Since burlap has become one of my favorite designer fabrics of late, I've bought several yards, several times, cut by several fabric store ladies. But recently one fabric worker performed

burlap magic
right before my eyes and I just had to share!
If you want a perfectly straight edge on your burlap, you start by snipping the end with scissors.
Then you take one thread and begin to pull. The burlap will begin to gather. Keep pulling the string with one hand and push the gathered section with your other hand until the pulled string has reached the opposite end of the fabric. Straighten out the gathers and you'll notice a perfect line which is now a guide for cutting the burlap. Once cut, if you want a perfectly frayed edge, just continue to pull threads until you achieve the frayed length you desire. That's how I made my wide burlap table runner for my outdoor table. I added some cute tablecloth weights so the table will always stay perfectly dressed.