I Tried


Recently I saw these gorgeous lamps
at the thrift store.
I tried to talk myself out of buying them.
I told myself that they cost too much.
I reminded myself that I already have an
inventory of lamps that could rival
any lamp isle of a department store.

I pointed out that I was only
searching for shades, not the entire lamp.

I warned myself that if I put those pretty things
in my shopping cart it may become
too difficult to take them out.

And then I realized that along with
all those admonishments,
I was also designing an entire room
around those beautiful lamps.

A room that I've struggled with,
a room that needed those lamps for inspiration,
a room that would no longer feel like a cast off
because now it would contain
these beautiful jewels.

And so I rolled my cart up to the cashier
and purchased them.