Seeing The Full

>Earlier in the week I met with a friend, a mother of three young boys. She asked me to help her with a few design dilemmas. We had just discussed what to hang on two of the three walls in an area in her home when she pointed to the third wall and asked what she should do. In an effort to teach her that often times in design it's nice to leave open spaces, a spot for the eye to rest, I blurted out the sentence, "You are so busy seeing the empty that you can't see the full." My friend looked at me quizzically, pausing as she gathered her thoughts, and then wittily replied, "Did you read that in a fortune cookie?!?" to which we both burst out laughing!
A few days later I met with another friend. I sat and listened as she related all of her problems, listing them one by one. Please do not misunderstand, I love my friend and have deep empathy for all that she is going through. She has her share of trials (as do we all) but she spends much of her day fretting about them. Again I wanted to blurt out the sentence, "You are so busy seeing the empty that you can't see the full!" I managed to hold my tongue, not wanting to offend, but our meeting has been on my mind in the days hence.
Posted on my bathroom mirror is scribbled a reminder:
Life Is Full!
I have it there to remind me that although life is full of trials, it is also full of blessings. It is up to me each day, each minute, each second to choose to see the "full of blessings" part of life. Some days it is very difficult to see, but still it is there.

Yes, life is very much like a roller coaster.
It has it's share of ups and downs.
It is up to us to make the choice to throw up our arms and