A Little Known Condition


I have a condition.
I don't talk about it much, but it affects every aspect of my life. I've decided that it's time to bring this abnormality out in the open and, even perhaps, to embrace it.
I am a tweaker!
Yes, I tweak constantly.
If you've known me for very long, you may have already noticed, but you are kind and politely overlooked my disability.

Here is evidence of my tweaking condition.

Before tweaking:And after: Before: After:Before: After:Before:After:Before:After:Before:After:
I try to control my compulsiveness to tweak. Although it is difficult for me to sit still for very long before I give into the urge. I try to allow it to manifest itself only within the confines of my own home. When I am in another person's home it is sometimes difficult to keep this condition under control. It is possible---if I clasp my hands and tweak only in my thoughts. I think that blogging has actually worsened the condition because I study photos of my home on the computer and then go on a tweaking binge. I've learned that it is feasible to live with this condition. However, it is sometimes difficult for family members to live with a tweaker. My family has accepted my abnormality, and has learned to tolerate it. I love my family for their willingness to live under such conditions.

Yes, I am a tweaker!
Are you a tweaker too?
(And yes, I've tweaked this post a few times too!)