An Idea to Steal

>Are you an idea gatherer like I am? Are you always tearing sheets of ideas from magazines and catalogs, and printing them off the internet? Do your ideas begin to resemble piles of clutter? Or do you have the time to put those piles into little manilla folders and file them away? And then is the saying true, "Out of sight, out of mind" and you forget all about your gathered ideas?
My daughter's friend Jana shared how she managed to keep her gathered ideas neat and handy.
She buys an inexpensive binder and clear protective sheets. She labels the binder and fills the sheets with all of the ideas and inspiration she's gathered.
In her December folder she includes a gift list so she can remember about the gifts she's bought and stored throughout the year, (an idea I like because I'm always remembering those gifts when it's too late).She even takes photos of cute gifts she's seen or been given so that she can refer to them for inspiration.Along with the sheets of inspiration for decorating, she inserts easy and cute gift ideas. She includes Christmas stories to read to her children. And family games to play. And activities to do.And the best thing is, it's all contained in a pretty binder so she can easily pull it out each year to be inspired by all of her gathered ideas.

It's an idea worth stealing!