Parade Of Homes Tour


What an honor to be listed among the talented participants of the
Poppies at Play 2011 Parade of Homes! If you are new here I would like to extend to you a friendly welcome.
If you're a regular reader I am ever thankful for your loyalty.
One of our sons once referred to our home as "The House of Unfinished Dreams" because when we bought it it had been a rental for most of it's life so there is always a project/dream that we are working on. We have managed to make the transformations on a tight budget, doing most of the work ourselves, both inside and out. I hope that you enjoy the tour!
This was the way our house looked shortly after we moved in.This is what it looks like now on a beautiful Spring day. I redesigned it's new look.
We're still amazed with the transformation. The backyard used to be a huge grove of
neglected fruit trees and weeds. Now it looks like this on a hot Summer day.You could also call our home "The House of Doors" because we've built several pieces of furniture out of old doors and windows. We have learned a lot from our house as we have transformed it into our home. When you walk into our home you first come into the foyer.To the right is the living room. Many of the furniture and accessories throughout our home are
treasures found at thrift stores.
This large bookshelf was built using a door and stair treads.My hubby and I built the coffee table from an old door and
100 year old porch ballasters.The dining area.The crown molding and large shelf are made from vintage ceiling tin.Here's our family room. We built the entertainment center. The center door is over a 100 years old and has the original crackle finish outside and a faux wood finish inside.Glimpses of our kitchen. This cabinet was built using an old door for the sides and old windows for doors. Our table is two doors glued together to make the table top.
The main bathroom. Above the toilet is a shelf made from a door panel.Our computer/gaming room has two bookshelves
made from old doors. The clocks above the large map tell the time of the places
where our family members have served missions for our church.The bath/laundry room with a couple more
of our hand-built projects.Last we'll go down the stairs, near the end of the hall into the guest room.Thank you for visiting!
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