All Boxed Up

>Isn't it interesting how you can find yourself drawn to certain objects, but you're not exactly sure why. I am naturally drawn to all sorts of containers---things that contain other things. I like suitcases, picnic baskets, bowls, vases, regular baskets, trays, trunks, and old wooden boxes. My husband usually just rolls his eyes when he sees me migrating toward these things. But he's a patient man, and usually puts up with my quirkiness. He doesn't, however, understand why I buy old, beat up, wooden boxes. His argument is, "We can build one better than that." My reply is, "Yes, we can. But we usually don't." Plus, I think, because someone has built an item with their own two hands, it should be appreciated not just for it's looks, but for the energy that it took to create it. So occasionally, my husband loses the argument and the old, beat up wooden box comes home with me.
Well, you know what happens when you're drawn to certain items? Before you know it, you've got yourself a collection! This is my collection of old, beat up wooden boxes.
Right about now you're thinking to yourself, "I think I'm on her husband's side of the argument", aren't you? But remember, my philosophy:

Anything Can Be Transformed With a Coat of Paint
and a Little Creativity!

And here's the proof---
I'm going to display my old, beat up wooden boxes on my husband's side of the bed. They'll be great for containing some of his things. I think he'll be happy that he lost the "Why buy an old, beat up wooden box?" argument.