Inventory By Heart

>My daughter called today from across the country. She was so excited because she and her husband had finally found a dollar store. While standing in the store, she asked what she should buy to decorate her little apartment for Valentine's day.

Is it strange that I knew the inventory of the dollar store (even miles and miles away) and, without hesitation, I could rattle off a list of dollar goodies she should get?!?!

These were one of the items I told her to buy. In fact, I suggested she buy a few bags.
Did you happen to pick any up on your recent trip to the dollar store?
According to the packaging they're "Great accents for floral arrangements & many other decorative uses."
Here's some decorative uses that I thought of.

Simply remove the picks.Then use the sweet hearts for fillers in glassware,
and scatter the rest around you're existing decorations.
How cute and easy is that?!?