A Simple Setting

>I thought I'd make up a simple Thanksgiving table setting with things you may already have in your home. Of course, it's always good to start with a pretty white plate. I love white plates! They are so versatile. Next comes a clear glass plate. These are very inexpensive and look great paired with the white. For a seasonal flair, cut leaf shapes out of cardstock. You can use ready made die cuts, copy one off your computer, or do what I did, and just trace around a leaf. I painted the cardstock leaves with metallic rich caramel spray paint. Once dry, I used a silver permanent marker to write a name on one leaf, and placed it on the napkin. The napkin ring is made from a vine from my yard. I sprayed adhesive on the other leaf shape and stuck it on the bottom of the glass plate. The possibilities for this plate decoration are endless. Cake die cuts could be used for a birthday, hearts for Valentine's, pumpkins for Halloween. Now do you see why clear glass plates are great?I used burlap as a runner/place mat, and slipped a votive into a hollowed out little pumpkin, and the centerpiece is a handmade gratitude tree.

If you want something a little more fancy for your centerpiece, place double-sided tape on candles and then roll them in split peas. I got the idea here.
My tip: use clear tape, or do what I did and roll the candles in glitter to cover the tape and fill in the spaces where the peas didn't stick.
It's just that easy to make
an elegantly simple place setting.