An Edgy Easter Mantle

>I loved my Easter decorated mantle last year and was very tempted to repeat it this year. But I didn't want to miss out on the challenge and joy of creating something new. To enliven things a bit I decided to decorate the mantle for this Easter in non-traditional spring colors. I thought it would be exciting to incorporate a couple of shades of turquoise, the 2010 color of the year.
I started by gathering two empty frames. The smaller frame came out of the guest bedroom and the larger one (which was once painted black) is making it's debut appearance in a new coat of spray paint.
A couple of candle sticks also got a spray paint makeover and were topped with ceramic egg candle holders nestled in spanish moss.
The bunnies received a fresh coat of bright white spray paint. With the addition of a couple of chicks and a vase of faux tulips, this year's Easter mantle has just the edge I was looking for!