A Unique Comeback Story

>Almost two months ago the demands of life seemed to be. . .well, too demanding. Feeling overwhelmed I decided that I would take a little break from blogging. However, much like an exhausted mother who lies down for a twenty minute nap only to awake hours later, my little blog break became longer than I had originally anticipated.What did I do during my break? I wish I could report that I spent my time creating. I did not. But I did do some inventorying. I took many more items to the thrift store than I purchased (with a few more car loads to go). I discovered that I own more books, frames, chairs, and lanterns than I need. I even took an inventory of my life asking myself if I was happy with how I was spending my time, talents, and energy. I questioned my purpose for decorating and for blogging.

We live in a world where we are merely a click away from viewing the lives of countless strangers. This can be so very inspiring but more often than not it can make us question ourselves. Should I be putting up beadboard or board and batten? I just finished painting my cabinets black but now everyone is painting theirs gray, does that mean I'm out of style? The light, coastal look is in but I live far from any coast, what shall I do? Is my home beautiful? Am I pretty? Is my family as wonderful as those I read about? Am I creative? Do I have anything special to offer?
Why do we do this to ourselves?!? There is a wonderful quote that states, "Comparison is the thief of joy." I believe this to be so very true! But more than robbing our joy, comparison can also rob us of our uniqueness. We are each placed here on earth for a purpose. Just as our outward appearance is individual and without equal, so is what we have to contribute to the world. Why do we spend so much of our energy and time trying to be like the crowd when what makes us amazing is our individuality. Think about it. Every year there is a new fashion or style unleashed to the masses simply because the masses have become just that, a mass.I have answered my question about my purpose for blogging. I do it because I enjoy it. Blogging inspires me to use and improve my talents to bless myself and my family. Hopefully somewhere along my path I inspire others as well. Please forgive me for getting on a soapbox about the hazards of comparison. You have likely already figured this out, but I needed the reminder. That is my purpose for posting this message today. I need to remind myself that I am unique. I need to make it my business to explore that uniqueness. I hope that you'll join me in my journey.
I implore you
, dear readers, to take a little break of your own. Find out what makes your situation, your home, your family, and who you are as a person so remarkable.
Embrace your distinctiveness
and even your peculiarities! Remember that
you truly are extraordinary----even if you think you are not. You do have something to offer this world that no one else can. That is why you are here.

Now, Go and Be Exceptional!