Projects, Smiles, and a Shelf

>Hasn't it been fun to see so many variations of one five minute project? Well, I've got two more great ones for you to see. Take a blog trip to visit my friends Darlene and Emily and don't forget to make their day by leaving a note, cuz you know how we all love kind comments!
Ooohhh, and look what sweet Sue gave me.
Isn't she so very nice to think of me? Isn't this a wonderful award? Aaaaww, you know me by now, I'm giving it to ALL of you because every single one of you make me smile. Please feel free to take it home with you. Go visit Sue for the rules that I didn't follow. I'm so rebellious!

It is officially day two of my black spray paint intervention. Cherry suggested that maybe I should host a "Spray paint outside the black box" party. Everyone loves a good party right? What do you think friends? I could throw the party next Monday. That would give you all time to find just the perfect project to paint any color other than black. It might be a challenge because we love our black spray paint. But it could be fun. . .

Speaking of non-black projects, this is my newest.
I bought this shelf on sale at a little boutique. It was the last one, so I snatched it up. I thought I knew right where it would hang, but when I got it home it was too large for the chosen area. I tried it in other spots in my house but the deep brownish red color limited my options. I did think of painting it black, but since it's so big I didn't want the color to be overwhelming. So I decided that Dark Taupe would be a better option.Since I was experimenting with color I thought I'd experiment with gadgets too. See that attachment on my spray can? I cost less than two dollars. You just snap it on any can and then you pull the trigger. Oh! Let me tell you, it's easy and makes you feel just like a spray paint professional!After the paint was dry I took the sander to distress the shelf and bring out the details in the tin that you didn't really notice when it was a darker color.I like the shelf makeover. Dare I say that I'm glad I chose not to paint it black?!?! Now I'm off to find the perfect place for it to hang.