Designer Plastic

>Every Sunday we gather as a family to eat in our dining room. It has been a tradition since we moved into this home. We set out "Sunday" dishes, glasses and even unique-to-Sunday salt and pepper shakers. We light a candle or two and enjoy having a delicious dinner, usually cooked by my hubby. And we always have a tablecloth. . .well, not a reeeal tableCLOTH. We can be a sloppy bunch and I don't want to spend my week soaking and removing stains from a real tablecloth so I resort to the plastic variety. But it can be difficult to find a faux tablecloth that doesn't look too country or too grandma-y. So imagine my delight when I found these beautiful covers at Big Lots the other day. Look! Lovely colors and designer patterns. I had to stock up on all they had in my difficult to find table size. I couldn't pass up such pretty, practical, and priced-to-please plastic!