Cheap Trick

>I had so much fun last week helping my daughter and son-in-law set up their new home. We worked really hard, cleaning, painting, moving, decorating and repurposing, but the results were definitely worth all the hard work.
Here's a quick repurposing item. They had two of these functional carts. As you can see, they didn't match.
I gave them a quick and easy upgrade. All that was required was an extra set of curtains, a supply of upholstery tacks, a hammer, and the willing and helpful hands of my son-in-law.
We simply placed the carts side by side. Then I folded the curtains to the desired length and held them in place while my son-in-law hammered in the tacks to secure the curtains.
Topped with a beautiful tray and some decorations, those functional carts become

a pretty buffet table
with plenty of storage that's now hidden from view.