A's and AAHHH'S

>I am so proud of you! Many of you were able to answer the questions about what the objects were in their former life. I give you all A's! For those of you that weren't correct, you still get an A for trying. And Msfears, you get an A for making me laugh at this answer:The crown was definitely a torture device in the dark ages.
Jackie from Empty Nest Full Life was correct! Her answer was: I think the crown might have been a candle holder that held a pillar candle in glass and the glass was missing, and you added the middle piece, I also go for a chandelier globe or one of those home interior candle sconces with a wooden bead painted and glued onto the top.
Silly me, I forgot to take "before" pictures. But can you see the crown, turned right side up, is meant to hold a glass insert that you could place a candle in. The glass likely broke, so the owners donated the metal part. I used a two part welding epoxy to attach a metal finial on what is now the top and then I spray painted the entire piece.

Most of you guessed this one. See how a candle fits perfectly inside the glass and then the neck of the glass could fit perfectly inside a metal base. I drilled a hole into a big wooden ball---okay, I started to drill the hole, but holding a small hard wood object while trying to drill a huge hole isn't as easy as it sounds. So, my husband drilled most of the hole in the ball (he will be so happy that I gave him the credit). Then I painted it and used a heavy duty glue to attach it. The cute ribbon covers the rest of the neck of the glass.

I hope that you all have learned the important lesson to look at things as they could be.

I know that many of you are still working on your five minute projects. Remember to let me know when you're ready to show them. *edited to add: We'll be showing three tomorrow. Come join in!

Now, I thought it might be a fun change of pace to show you some "snippets" of my house---the things that make me say "Aahhh".