An Influential Build


Don't you feel so blessed when someone unexpectedly walks into your life to build you up and let you know that they believe in you.
Someone who plays a key role because they
unlock thoughts about yourself you never thought before.
Someone who immediately becomes your friend because they can see
great qualities in you that you can't see in yourself. And, in my case, someone who has so much faith
in my design abilities that she was the very first to say,
"You've got a talent and I want to pay you for helping me."
And then she recommends you to others because she believes in you so much. Yes, that would be my friend who owns the cabin I showed you in the last post. She has been such
a wonderful influence for good in my life.
I hope to be like her!
So when it came to building our first "commissioned piece"
of door furniture, for her and her husband, I wanted it to be special.

I designed it to be unique, practical and beautiful. And it looks like it belongs right at home in their cabin.