Bouquets of Gladness

>Once or twice a month I like to buy a bouquet of flowers.
Fresh flowers have such a way of gladdening my heart and home. I don't feel the need to buy flowers from a florist when I can get beautiful budget bouquets at the grocery store.
This week I splurged and brought home two bouquets. There was such a wonderful assortment of flowers that I couldn't pick just one!
The first bunch that caught my eye were these
lovely gladiolas
Their size alone makes a great design statement. I chose to add some sea glass to help anchor the arrangement.

You can see why I had to buy these flowers. I've never seen anything like them before. They have a stem similar to a carnation but their heads look like a combination of a fern, grass, and a moss ball. I just couldn't resist!
I cut them short and placed them into a vintage pottery piece designed to look like bamboo. I'm excited to see how long they last.Do you buy grocery store bouquets to
gladden your heart and home?