How Does My Garden Grow

>We live in a zone 5 growing area. It's important to know your zones if you want to grow a nice garden. Being in a zone 5 means we need to wait until May to plant. If you plant your garden any sooner you risk the chance of a freeze that will mean you have to start over with your garden.
The last few years my garden hasn't been planted until June which makes for a short growing season. But this year, because I left town at the end of May I made sure to get my garden in early. And now I am reaping the benefits!

Green and Yellow ZucchiniCrook Neck SquashSpaghetti SquashEggplantCucumbersThe tomatoes should be ripening in a couple of weeks.I can't wait for BLT's. YUM!
There's even a watermelon.
And hopefully, come fall,
there will be many pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.
Did you notice my secret to success?
I line my garden with black plastic before planting.
It helps to keep the plants warm and their roots moist.
It also cuts down significantly on weeds and garden critters.
Do you have any gardening secrets?
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