Hubby's Skills


My hubby has skills!
I could list several.
Among the list would be that he is the best amateur carpenter, plumber, motorcycle rider (he would want me to include that),
dishwasher, and electrician that I know!
It is the latter that was very helpful
in the installation of my bargain thrift store chandelier.
I was not fond of the original hanging apparatus. It was a little too sleek and modern, and the fact that it hung down
11 inches created a big problem with my 8 foot ceilings,
especially hanging in the middle of a closet.
I didn't need anyone to poke their eye out while getting dressed.

The solution was to replace it with a more traditional ceiling canopy. That's when it's really nice to have a hubby with electrician skills.
Problem number two came when we
took down the antiquated light fixture.
Apparently the previous owners had at one time installed high watt bulbs
causing so much heat that the paint discolored and peeled.
We have big
plans in the future for remodeling this
so-small-you-can-barely-call-it-a-walk-in closet
so I didn't want to take the time to re-paint it now.
Instead I decided to use a quick and inexpensive cover-the-mess solution;
a thrifted silver tray.
Now that the ceiling looked so pretty
I thought I'd stage my side of the closet.
I use some pretty boxes and apothecary jars
(already stored there waiting for another organization project).
Then I tacked up my small collection of vintage hats.
Now it's a real treat to walk into my closet!