It's Personal

>Two weeks ago last night we sat in a hospital anxiously awaiting news of Son #3 's surgery. He had two broken legs and the surgeon was concerned that there could also be some internal bleeding. It was a very emotional evening.

Last night we sat in a theater happily laughing as we watched Son #3, along with Son #2, perform in their improv. group. #3 was able to perform with only the aid of a cane. It too was a very emotional evening.

We were witnesses of a miracle.

As you know, I rarely share details of my personal and family life here. But tonight I feel inclined. You may have noticed that I am a member of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
. In November, Son #3 was called to serve a church mission in New Zealand, teaching the gospel in Mandarin Chinese. His leave date is December 16th. Yes, this young man broke both of his legs a mere two and a half weeks before he is due to leave to serve the Lord full-time.

I know with assurance that he was healed because of faith,
priesthood blessings, and many, many prayers. And because the Lord needs this wonderful, faithful, strong, big-hearted son to serve the people of New Zealand for the next two years.

Several of you wrote to tell me that you would add your prayers to ours. THANK YOU! I appreciate your love, concern, thoughts and prayers in our behalf. It is so heartwarming to know that even though you really don't "know" my family, you still prayed for us. We are indebted to you and are very grateful for your faith.

You are a part of our miracle!

Son #3 is back on his own two feet,
a little wobbly, but he is back.

Thank you for being so understanding and patient with me while I was tending to my family's needs. I will be back sometime Monday with lots of goodies to share.