Pelog is one of the two scales (scales) are essentially used in the original gamelan music from Bali and Java in Indonesia. Another scale is slendro. Pelog scale can be made by way of a perfect couple fourth interval intervals are quite wide, about 515 to 535 cents. This interval is located at the extreme distances that can be heard as the fourth interval.

Scale Pelog a full  consists of seven different tones (a stack of 6 pieces fourth interval), but usually a composition will be written in 5 tones. The seven tones in the scale pelog called "goods", "chest", "nem", "Gulu", "five", "bem", and "Pelog".

Tone scale with two different intervals, denoted by L and S, are: Gulu-chest-S-L-pelog-S-five-nem-S-S-goods-bem-L-S-Gulu. In this case, S is around 110-150 cents and L is about 250-300 cents.