Reminiscing The Past With The Present

>When we were first married my husband and I always had a real tree for Christmas. The tree selection process would take nearly the entire day as we would visit several lots trying to find the biggest and cheapest tree (almost always under $10). There were a couple of years that we were lucky enough to find a tree with a double trunk which meant that it would fill up the entire six foot window of our first home. When our children were young we took them to a wooded lot to select and cut down the Christmas tree.
As the years progressed and the prices of Christmas trees increased we began to celebrate the holiday with artificial trees.
This year I tried to put up the old artificial tree in the family room. . .several times in fact, yet every time it just looked too pitiful to trim. My frustration mounted as the sad, unadorned tree leaned against the wall day after day.
Last Saturday, just a week before Christmas, we shopped at a freight damage store. That morning before we left I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if the store was selling real trees for a big discount." True enough, an announcement was made that Christmas trees were being cleared out for $10. I was smiling from ear to ear as I ran through the store to find the exit where the trees were,
my husband trailing behind trying his best to keep up with his giddy wife.Once home the real tree was placed in an old bucket filled with water hidden inside a garden urn. Not only was the tree a bargain so were the decorations---most were purchased at dollar stores over the past few years.

It's our bargain tree that looks like a million!