Siter are Instrument Music Traditional of Gamelan


Siter is played with way plucked, and included one of  instrument gamelan in the Javanese. It has to do also with the lute  in Sundanese gamelan. Siter has a unique vibration. Clear and mild. Somewhat different with  the sound produced by other musical instruments that most of us know.
Details, this instrument is rectangular measuring 20 × 50 cm. Consisting of siter body made of teak wood and 24 strings on each side. Unlike the guitar that only has one side, siter got two. One side is called pelog and the other is called slendro. This tool is typically used to accompany gamelan. From entire manufacturing process, while the most difficult time set the tone the strings. In this set the tone really need a taste from the liver.

But unfortunately with the progress of the age of this equipment is no longer attractive to young children today. Truly alarming.