Stick A Fork On It

>For those of you who requested that I tell you how I painted my sub floors, I'll do a tutorial next week. I need to dig a sample board and paints out of the cold garage and let them warm up first. So I thought I'd share another easy fix in the meantime.

These are my keys. Every time hubby borrows them he tells me that I'll need a new key chain soon. He says this e v e r y time. Which got me to thinking, they're my keys, they should have something unique hanging from them.
My solution came when I spyed this beautiful little olive fork at the thrift store for 10 cents. Isn't the detail on the handle exquisite?
it's real sterling silver.
Since sterling silver is rather soft I just snipped off the tongs with wire cutters. Then I used my brute force to bend the end (then hubby used his brute force to finish the job).
Now I have a key fob that is
sterling silver and uniquely exquisite!

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