Tools For Spools


Are you like I am and have
spools and spools of ribbon
strewn here and there throughout your house? I have some in with my craft supplies, some with my gift wrapping supplies, and others stuffed here and there. Well if you are a fellow spool stow-er I have a solution.You'll need:
*a dowel that will fit the opening in the center of the spool,
*a drill with a drill bit the size of the dowel,
*a wooden base, any shape will do,
*wood glue,
*paint, and
*dowel finials (optional).

Drill a hole the size of the dowel in the center of the base.
Cut or leave the dowel as long as you desire and glue it into the base. Add a finial to the top of the dowel. Paint the dowel stand and let dry. Load with spools.And there you have a quick and easy organizing tool for spools.