Uplifting Words

>I have a collection of quotes that inspire and motivate me. I like to surround myself with words that uplift my spirit.
I have a bunch of quotes on a vintage chip clip rack in my bathroom.

A couple of reminders are hung on bottles in the bathroom window sill.Manilla tags are a fun and easy way to post a quote.
This metal word reminding us every day to "Celebrate" is on a chair as you go into the family room.
I found it and the "Blessed" sign (in the bathroom) in the greeting card isle.
This little tag reads "Live
Love Laugh." It was a key chain from the dollar store. I tied it onto a candle that sits on our kitchen table.
This one is next to my computer.
I like to add sayings to lampshades, that way I read them when I turn the light on and off.

What words inspire you?