Centerpiece, Centerpiece, Centerpiece

>We've been hired to decorate for another wedding! The open house is in May and their colors are bright, saturated versions of pink, yellow, and turquoise. Fortunately the couple likes the style of the backdrop from the last wedding we did. We will, however, be doing some modifications in order to make it unique to them. I'm also making new centerpieces for the tables. I made up three for them to choose from.
I thought this little dowel tree was fun and Spring-y.Then there's this hanging music page wreath that reminds me of a May pole.My favorite is this faux candelabra.They chose to use the oversize candelabras on the serving table and the May pole page wreaths on the guest tables. I'll be making the wreaths in the three different colors. Although I'm a little worried about hot glue gun burns from making that many wreaths (I burn myself practically every time!), but their happiness is definitely worth a blister or two.