Not Just One

>My husband decided that our home needed another computer. He was tired of sharing with the kids so he bought them an inexpensive used one. I thought it was a great idea until I had to figure out where to put "our" computer. We already have a room in the house designated as "the computer room" where computer usage is easily monitored. The room also contains all of the game systems so it gets quite a bit of use, especially on the weekends. It was decided that the other computer would find a home in the master bedroom---not the ideal place, but again, a place where it's usage can be monitored. However, I didn't want the computer, sitting on a big ol' desk, to be the main focus of the room.
I showed you this petite vintage dressing table that I started working on a few months ago.
It was a thrift store find. Unfortunately I deleted the "before" photo of it looking quite sad covered in pastel green and pink sponge paint. I stripped all the paint, gave it a good sanding, and painted it a creamy white. I replaced the hardware with these pretties. And now it sits quite proudly beneath the vintage tin shelves in the corner of the room.