Manufacturer Ball "Triple S" Already Worldwide


Not many national companies are able to achieve success both domestic and international markets. Especially if the company is included in the category companies in the category of Small and Medium Industries (SMI) who are often branded as weak economic enterprises. 

But not so with PT Sinjaraga Santika Sport (Abbreviated Triple S) which can be regarded as company that was born, grew and flourished in the area, ie precisely in Majalengka, West Java. 
Manufacturers of various types of balls PT Sinjaraga Santika Sport Manufacturer Ball "Triple S" Already Worldwide using self-owned brand "Triple S" that, although still classified as SMEs, but the company is able to exist in domestic and international markets, even apparently no exaggeration to say that the company able to win the global competition. 

With the leadership and management expertise the company supported by all employees that are reliable in producing highly competitive ball on request market, SMEs are also capable of acting at the level ball business internationally. Many times the company also SMEs are able to win an international competition in get the order making soccer balls in organization of an international football championship. One an order making a pretty phenomenal football is a contract Federation of purchases made International Football Association (FIFA), which is highest football organization in the world. 

In the year 2009 and then FIFA has issued a certificate licensing (Licensing Certificate) to PT Sinjaraga Santika Sport football products Diamond model with the brand Triple S. At the certificate license signed by FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter in Zurich, Switzerland on September 29, 2009 and apply from 1 July 2009 until June 30, 2013 it was declared that the product brand football Diamond Triple S model production PT Sinjaraga Santika Sport has passed the test and is entitled get predicate "Inspected". In addition, a soccer ball Triple S also stated brand meets FIFA technical requirements that can be used in various FIFA football game or match confederation. With the license, the product brand soccer ball Triple S can be used in various games world-level soccer, both in the match- match in order to fight the World Cup, European Cup, Asia Cup, the America's Cup as well as in various professional soccer match between clubs in various parts of the world. 

The reliability of product quality football Triple S production PT Sinjaraga Santika Sport also has obtained recognition of various certification bodies in and abroad. From within our own country football products Triple S has been pocketing the quality system certificate from B4T (Central Material and Technical Products) Bandung form of certificate of ISO 9001:2000 or SNI 19-9001-2001 which is valid from April 7, 2008 to April 7 2011.

In 2007 the product of artificial ball Sinjaraga PT Santika Sport also get a certificate of Good Design Award in the category of sports products from the National Design Centre in collaboration with the Directorate General of Small and Medium Industries (SMI), Directorate General of Transport Equipment and Telematics Industry (IATT), Directorate General of Metal, Machinery, Textile and (ILMTA) and the Agency for Industrial Research and Development (BPPI) Department (now Ministry) of Industry and the Agency for Export Development (NAFED) Ministry (now Ministry) of Trade. 

In addition to producing soccer balls, PT Sinjaraga Santika Sport also produces other types of balls such as ball futsal, basketball and volleyball that reliability recognized quality certification bodies and sports organizations within and outside the country. 
On April 23, 2009, the Agency for National Futsal Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) states that the ball futsal Diamond Triple S type as the official ball used in game / official tournament organized by the Agency for National Futsal. 
Various products Triple S ball production PT Sinjaraga Santika Sport also has received the recommendation of the Executive Board of Trustees Student Sports All-Indonesia (BAPOPSI) for use as a teaching aid / student sporting events in the environment. Letter of recommendation dated January 19, 2010, addressed to the Head of Department of Youth and Sports and Head of Department of Education in Indonesia it refers to the Presidential Instruction No. 2 of 2009 on the Use of Domestic Production and Inventory List of Goods / Services Domestic Production issued by the Department ( Ministry) Industry of the Republic of Indonesia. 

In organizing the National Student Sports Week (POPNAS) in 2009 in IN Yogyakarta in November 2009 and, a variety of products Triple S ball (soccer ball, volleyball and basketball) has also been used because the product meets international standards (FIFA and FIBA).

In addition to FIFA, other foreign institutions that have provided its certification to the football product Triple S is the Instituto Italiano Sicurezza Dei Giocattoli and Merchandise TestingLaboratories (HK) Ltd.. The two institutions from Europe stated that the soccer ball products Triple S can be used in the implementation of the 1998 World Cup in France because it has been in accordance with EC Directive and is entitled to include the label "CE Mark".
Other recognition came from the International Federation ofbasketball or the Federation Internationale de Basketball (FIBA)which provide a Certificate of Approval to PT Sinjaraga SantikaSport for product categories of basketball as Official TechnicalPartner in force starting from 2004 until December 31, 2010.

With the support of as many as 200 employees and 2,500craftsmen, PT Sinjaraga Santika Sport has the ability to produce1.2 million units of the ball each year. Now the company thatdinakhodai by Irwan Suryanto was exporting 95% of its productionto various countries in the world such as Korea, Japan, Malaysia,Singapore, Holland, France, Germany, South Africa, Nigeria,Libya, Morocco, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico and others.