The Papak Puppet or Smacking Puppet (Wayang Papak/WayangCepak)


Puppet smacking in Cirebon began when a Elang Maganggong, son of Ki Gendeng Slingsingan from the area Talaga, studied Islamic religion to Suta Jaya Kemit, A Upas (if now,  equal to the Security Unit ), a clever  who to be mastermind. Elang Maganggong later lowered his knowledge to Singgih and descendants Singgih located in the village of Resources, District Babakan. That's why puppet smacking spread to several areas  the East Cirebon, like Waled, Ciledug, Losari and Coral Sembung, and Cirebon West section that includes local Kapetakan and   Arjawinangun.

These puppet are made of wood, a the edges are not tapered (Cepak in Sundanese / Papak in Javanese). That is why it is called a Cepak puppet or  Puppet Papak. Judging from its shape, the puppet Cepak is estimated the development of puppet Leatherpuppet show or Menak puppet,  in centered of Cirebon. Puppet smacking usually bring the story  Menak, Panji, the stories chronicle, legend and myth. However, in the Cirebon area alone,  smacking puppet more telling chronicle of Cirebon, also chronicle  Mecca and Pamanukan delivered with the Java language Cirebon.

But the puppet show today smacking Cirebon less get acclaim. The show is limited to traditional ceremonies such as Ngunjung Buyut (nadran, pilgrimage), The show is limited to traditional ceremonies such as Ngunjung Buyut (Tradition Ceremony Nadran, pilgrimage), Ceremony Kaul  (vows) and ruwatan ( is perform the rite of initiation, which is distanced from distress). And people who at ruwat is usually in the form: Wunggal (only child), Nanggung Bugang (a sister whose brother passed away) or suramba (four sons), surambi (four daughters), pandawa (five sons), pandawi (five daughters) , Talaga kausak (flanked by a son, two daughters), and so forth.

Waditra that accompany puppet barreled pelog smacking at first, but as to adjust the situation and condition, waditra used given barreled   salendro. Waditra includes xylophone, gender, flute, saron I, saron II, bonang, drums, jenglong, and percussion. While some songs that accompany the puppet show crew cut, among them Bayeman, Gonjing, Lompong Kali, Gagalan, Kiser Kedongdong and others.