Another Trip to the Dollar Store


How about a cheap, quick and easy
craft for the weekend?

It involves another trip to the dollar store to buy this
cute little 3 opening frame.I'm thinking that the sales at the dollar stores have gone up tremendously due to bloggers. They don't need advertisement, they have women who love to blog and create on the cheap.I know it's a little early for Halloween,
but it's nice to be prepared, right?

I used a sheet of computer paper as a template
to cut apart an old newspaper.
Then I typed out the letters making sure to leave a lot of space between each one. I chose a different font for each letter. To get the right size, I chose to make the font sizes between 145 to 175.
When I was satisfied with the look, I ran the newspaper sheets through my printer.

All that was left was to cut squares around the letters and attach them to the back of the frame with tape, then reassemble the frame.

I told you it was cheap, quick and easy!
Have a wonderful weekend!