Puppet Show (Wayang Golek)


Puppet show formerly is used by the trustee to spread Islam in the Land of Pasundan. Because Hinduism is familiar enough in Sundanese society at that time, the story of the Mahabharata and Ramayana Hindu Land modified to teach the Islamic Tawhid. For example, in the Mahabharata story of the gods had the power that is absolute, as a determinant of fate and destiny that can not be denied, so the trustees make a new object whose position is stronger is through the figure of Semar, Semar that ultimately it came down to earth, who because of his guilt-for accompany each event in Bharata Yuddha round either as mediator or as an executor of characters that can not be invited into the goodness.
Marionette Puppets is a puppets made of wood Albasiah or wood Lame, it also includes a puppets of the most popular in Indonesia. As for the types of puppet show, puppet show Cepak/Papak, Purwa puppet show, and puppet show modern. Who has a story, based on the source of the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata by using sundanese language, to the accompaniment of sinden singers , Sundanese gamelan (salendro), which consists of two saron, a Pekinese, a selentem, one boning device, one device rincik boning, one device kenong, a pair of gongs (kempul and gong), plus a set of kendang (a kendang Goon and three kulanter), gambang and rebab.

One of the functions in society is ngaruat puppet, that is clear from the accident (distress). Among them is:
  1. Wunggal (only child);
  2. Nanggung Bugang (a sister whose brother passed away); 
  3. Suramba (four men); 
  4. Surambi (four women); 
  5. Pandavas (five sons); 
  6. Pandawi (five daughters); 
  7. Talaga Kausak Date (a sons of the two daughters or more); 
  8. Ocean hapit Sindang (a daughter of the two sons or more), and so forth.

Puppet show, now more dominant as the folk performing arts, which have functions that are relevant to the needs of society and environment, both spiritual and material needs. This way we can see from some of the activities in the community such as when there is celebration, a good celebration (feast feast) in the context of circumcision, marriage and others sometimes accompanied by a puppet show performances.